AUDIO held an internal workshop in Frankfurt on 11 February 2020 with Lufthansa pilots to work on the user interface of the connected moving map. The aim was to obtain pilots’ input on the display of taxi clearances.

“Connected” moving map means adding real time traffic information and taxi route to the existing airport moving map application in the Electronic Flight Bag. Airports providing this local data to the pilots would further support flight crews in navigating safely and efficiently on the ground. This capability builds on solutions developed in SESAR 1.

Participants started the workshop by mapping the taxi in and taxi out procedures and the critical steps which could benefit from the additional data in a visual display. The pilots could imagine some advantages, such as being able to adjust taxi speed and power settings based on the traffic situation, or with a more predictable taxi route, using Single Engine Taxi procedures more often. They brainstormed on what visual display elements are useful in other routing applications, and with this in mind, each pilot designed their ideal display of real time traffic situation and routing. Then, they voted on the best design ideas, identifying which could be the most useful to implement. This exercise helped the AUDIO partners to really understand pilots’ needs in order to design a well-adapted display. Pilots made it clear that having this connected moving map would help them anticipate, making ground movements easier.

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