The SESAR Solutions

The demonstration will utilise the following SESAR Solutions:

Solution #22: Automated Assistance to Controller for Surface Movement Planning and Routing

This is the Route Planning function of the Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) that relies on an automatic taxi route generator which uses:

  • Airport layout description
  • Flight plan information (e.g. aircraft type, destination stand)
  • Known operational constraints (e.g. closed taxiways) and Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) data (e.g. Target Start Up Approval Time (TSAT))

These routes are stored in the Automated Flight Data Processing System (A-FDPS) and can be displayed on the controller working position. Air Traffic Controllers can graphically edit the routes, to match taxi clearances given to mobiles. For each taxi route, the Route Planning function computes an estimated taxi time (stored by A-FDPS).

Solution #53: Pre-Departure Sequencing supported by Route Planning

Pre-Departure management has the objective of delivering an optimal traffic flow to the runway. Accurate taxi time forecasts provided by route planning are taken into account for Target Start Up Approval Time (TSAT) calculation before off-block. The Pre-Departure sequence (TSAT sequence) is set up by Tower Clearance Delivery Controllers who will follow TSAT-window when issuing start up approval.

#PJ03a-01: Enhanced Guidance Assistance to Aircraft and Vehicles on the Airport Surface Combined with Routing

This solution sees the extension of the A-SMGCS routing function to avoid potential traffic conflicts, an improved use of Arrival Manager (AMAN) and Departure Manager (DMAN) information and integration with total airport management procedures. It includes the exchange of virtual stop bar identifier and status between Air Traffic Controllers and flight crews to improve safety in low visibility conditions. The exchange of information between Controllers and vehicles/aircraft will be improved with the use of airport data link and other guidance means.

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