AUDIO Objectives

As a Very Large-scale Demonstration (VLD) project, the aim of AUDIO is to perform operational demonstrations to confirm the benefits and increase awareness of the SESAR 1 solutions among end users to facilitate their operational acceptance and industrialisation. In particular, AUDIO’s objective is to demonstrate the added value of sharing the optimised route and surrounding traffic information with the cockpit crew.

The related VLD project PJ28 IAO ( has already demonstrated the SESAR 1 solutions at Hamburg Airport. AUDIO builds on this previous work and integrates the Airspace User in the demonstration of innovative airport operations functionalities designed to improve airport operations.

The demonstration will cover the following main aspects:

Technical and operational feasibility of sharing locally available airport data with a centralized EFB distribution system
Implementation of a secure data connection approach between decentralized safety critical systems to avoid cyber security attacks and hazardous situations
Providing evidence that functionalities are ready to be implemented and used in day to day live operations and enhance trust in results by demonstration of pre-operational products
The human-machine interface (HMI) and data quality can be certified against applicable certification standards
The protocol for ground/air data communication uses open standards and is defined in a way which allows re-use with other airports/ground infrastructure
The airport layout data are based on a standardised format and can be updated quickly when changes occur
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