AUDIO demonstrates the advantages of the new technologies developed in the research programme SESAR 1.

With increasing traffic at airports, improving pilots’ situational awareness on the ground improves flight safety, timeliness, and the environmental impact.

The AUDIO Project. Get connected !

The AUDIO project aims to demonstrate Air Traffic Management solutions developed in SESAR 1 in an operational environment in order to show their effectiveness and facilitate their industrial deployment.

With the implementation of SESAR 1 solutions available to controllers, airports will be capable of providing local data such as the traffic situation and taxi routings. Sharing this information with pilots in the cockpit is expected to generate even more benefits for airport operations.

AUDIO will demonstrate the use of a Connected Moving Map application onboard Lufthansa aircraft taxiing at Hamburg Airport. This advanced application shows the traffic situation and additional taxi routing information to the flight crew.

The implementation of the SESAR solutionas will assist controllers in their duty to safely guide aircraft at the airport while also supporting flight crews in navigating safely on the ground by providing visualized taxi route and surrounding traffic information.

b3lineicon|b3icon-map-location||Map Location


Having the traffic and route in the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)  gives the flight crew more information about planned surface operations and increased departure sequence predictability

b3lineicon|b3icon-traffic-cone||Traffic Cone


With the increased complexity of traffic situations on the ground during taxi phase, providing information on the surrounding traffic situation and planned taxi routes for the crew’s own aircraft will provide an additional layer to safe operations

b3lineicon|b3icon-policeman-hat||Policeman Hat

Human Performance

Pilots having the same traffic and routing information in real time as controllers leads to better situational awareness, easier anticipation and less stress


Environmental Sustanability

Optimised surface routing means lower emissions, less noise, and reduced fuel consumption per aircraft movement

AUDIO Demonstration

With a live demonstration at Hamburg Airport, integrating Lufthansa as a major European Airspace User, AUDIO advances the deployment of SESAR Solutions by proving their readiness for day-to-day operations.

The SESAR Solutions

The SESAR Solutions for integrated airport operations to be demonstrated in AUDIO enable more efficient and safe operations in increasingly busy airports.

Safer planning, more fluidity, less stress

Sharing surrounding traffic information and optimised surface route planning with the flight crew is expected to increase the efficiency and predictability of taxiing operations as well as increasing common situational awareness.

Four experienced European partners join forces in AUDIO

AUDIO is funded under the SESAR 2020 programme through a specific call within the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research & Innovation, specifically aiming to modernize the air traffic management system. A total of € 1 064 625 has been budgeted for the two-year project including an EU contribution of € 818 050.

AUDIO Pilots Workshop held 2020.02.11

AUDIO held an internal workshop in Frankfurt on 11 February 2020 with Lufthansa pilots to work on the user interface of the connected moving map. The aim was to obtain pilots’ input on the display of taxi clearances. “Connected” moving map means adding real time...

AUDIO Partners’ meeting 2019.11.07

AUDIO project partners met in Frankfurt Airport on 7th November 2019 to plan their demonstration of SESAR Solutions to provide additional taxi routing and surrounding traffic information to pilots using an advanced moving map application.

AUDIO Press Release

New SESAR project aims to make aircraft movement on the airport surface safer and more efficient.

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